Private 1:1


Don’t waste time experimenting on what to do when it comes to your social content. Get clarity, minimize overwhelm, and receive a plan for targeted action.

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Why? -

Having someone that is on your team 24/7 who will kick you back into action is something we could all use. Sometimes we get stuck, feeling demotivated & lost with imposter syndrome creeping in which leads us to not getting the results we want and deserve.


Working with a coach helps you see what you can’t. We create clarity for what you truly want, build a rock solid mindset with deep rooted confidence and build an actionable plan that will aim you in the direction of your wants.

Why do you need a coach?




First off we'll hop on a discovery call to find out if I'm the right fit for what you aim to accomplish with social media. If we decide to work together then we'll schedule our first 90 minute call at your convenience.



When we finish, your work begins. I will send a summary of my thoughts, along with suggestions and homework. You will also be send a video recording of the call for future reference. 



Your private session will be hosted on Google Meet where I'll pick your brain, find out your true wants and discover your biggest pain points. This is where you can ask questions and get relevant answers.



We will then have a follow up call two weeks later to track your progress and develop an updated action plan. You will also have 24/7 access to me for any Q&A during the time we work together.

What to expect -

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Is this for you?


"I want to quit my job and do content creation full time. I post on social media but I'm not getting the results I desire"

For the lost content creator fed up with their 9-5 who wants to secure more work - TikTok or IG. For the small biz owner who wants to improve their content to increase sales.

  • You want to make a living creating content on your platform or for others platforms / creators

  • You're tired of being motivated by vanity metrics such as likes and want to start getting the actual work

  • You want to grow on social so you can build a following that converts to paying customers


"Creating content online for 5 years means I've been through it all. Growing platforms personal or business, to getting more work as a content creator through social."

I help you identify what your main goals are with social media and advise you on practical ways you can take action to reach them.

  • Helping those who want to make a living on social by providing different means to earn - even those with as low as 2,000 followers.

  • Helping content creators find their value to secure more work, providing formulas to calculate what they should charge & advising on improvements.

  • Helping small biz owners get more eyes on their product through auditing platforms and giving practical advice and strategy for how they can improve.


A one off 60 minute chat with me where you can pick my brain and find some guidance on what you're doing.


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