'Head in the Clouds' was a collection inspired by dreamers for dreamers. For this collection I provided creative direction, overseeing all creative output to create a cohesive visual experience.

My Roles;

Design Conception, Art Direction, Video Directing, Producing and Editing, Social Media Planning and Photography.

dream personal 2-min.JPG

Pictured above is the main campaign video for the collection.

This was used as part of the campaign launch as well as used for advertising on both Facebook and Instagram.

For this collection I wanted to make the visuals as dreamy as possible within the space we were given. I decided to split the space up into three areas to create three different scenes.

Doing this would allow us flexibility in our positing and maximise content output while being on a short timeline.

Playing the role of a creative director as well as the only content creator made it quick the challenge. This meant I needed to be efficient with the content that was made.



For social I wanted to create a full take over for the instagram feed to show the importance of the collection. I meticulously planned and designed it so that no detail was left out while working effectively to hype the collection. 

I decided for the videos that would appear on instagram stories and facebook ads that I would use a mixture of content.


This included; a simple behind the scenes, a lookbook video, the main promotional video and a video promoting the giving aspect.

phone copy.png

Turn sound on by tapping the bottom right of any video.

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