'Love Without Words' was OutsideIn's first collection under COVID-19. The idea was to create clothing with purpose. Every purchase meant a hygiene pack was donated to a charity dealing with those who are homeless.

My Roles;

Photography, Graphic Design, Content Creation, Social Media Planning, Video Directing, Producing and Editing.

LWW Black Tee Front Model Girl-min.jpg

This is a limited collection which meant there was a limited amount of time available. I decided use blue and purple lighting to reflect the design. I also created an image with the word 'disconnected' repeated to reflect how people were feeling during that time.

I then used a projector to project that image onto our subject to reach the following results.



This time on social we wanted to get people to feel more involved with the collection, but also lift their spirits.

Cards we're shipped with every package containing safe prompts showing examples of how to 'Love Without Words' during COVID. I then went on to create a video that hyped this idea up.

We also wanted to show the giving aspect of the collection. The 'Love Packs'. Myself and another team member took to the streets to personally donate them to those experiencing homeless and so I created a video to promote that on socials.

LWW Black Sweater Girl Creative 1-min.jp

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