11 Things I Learned As A Content Creator In 2021

The last 12 months have been a trying time for all of us and I am a firm believer that reflection creates growth - and what better way to reflect than write a blog about the lessons I'd learnt as a content creator!

1. Stop Waiting For The "Right Time"

The concept of waiting for the right time before "leaving my job" or "taking that opportunity" simply doesn't exist. The more you put something off, the less likely you are to actually do. Start Today.


Most people are afraid to start because they're afraid to fail. The reality is that you NEED to fail (especially as a content creator) because it puts you one step closer to what you should be doing. The more ideas that flop, the closer you get to a great one that clicks.

3. Work Hard But Be Present

We're constantly sold the 'Sigma Grindset' lifestyle of social media where we're expected to grind 24/7 if we want to live the life of our dreams. The reality is that life can be taken from you at a moments notice. Work hard, sure. But you must be present and also enjoy what life has to offer.

4. Stop Over-Diversifying

One of our biggest flaws as creatives and content creators is that we want to do a lot of different things at once. What you should be doing is experiment consistently until you can identify & cut out your weaknesses. Compound your best skills and win.

5. You Are Your Only Competition

"Comparison is the thief of joy". You will fall victim to your ego if you're constantly comparing yourself to others. Your only competition should be the person you were yesterday. Focus on bettering yourself.

6. Say Less. Do More.

As creatives we like to express our intentions by talking often about our ideas. As a result we trick our brains into thinking we've done what we said when in reality we haven't accomplished anything. We will also end up disappointing ourselves when we don't execute our ideas. Your incredible ideas don't mean sh!t if you don't take action.

7. YOU Determine Your Worth

Imposter syndrome often sets in for any freelancer. What we must remember is that people only understand what we tell them. All we must do is speak confidently and no one will question your authority. Imagine the person you want to be. Now start acting like that person.

8. INVEST In Yourself!

Knowledge is key in the creative game. However there is only so much you can learn from your own experience. It's absolutely vital to treat your brain as a muscle that needs to be worked on in order to grow. Buy courses, invest in assets, read books - do what ever it takes to remain a student!

9. Plant The Seed 🌱

Then water it. Mark Twain once said "the key to getting ahead is to get started".

10. DON'T Gatekeep

One of the most frustrating things about being a creative is how hard it can be sometimes to access basic information. People are often afraid of losing work if they help others but the reality is that we can only raise ourself by lifting up others.

11. Patience Is Protection

You’re human, life happens & motivation can fade. Understand that you have so much time to accomplish your dreams. Be Patient with yourself.


Well if you're interested in levelling up your social media game I highly recommend booking a discovery call with me or checking out one of my many online courses that can help you!


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