'Strangers, Made Someone.' was a collection created by OutsideIn. The intention was to take those who feel like a Stranger, and help them to feel like a Someone.

My Roles;

Art Direction, Photography, Content Creation, Social Media Strategy, Video Directing, Producing and Editing.


For this collection there was quite a level of content created.

I thought bringing the brief to life on a large cut out would breathe more live into the shoot and imagery.


For this collection we decided to go for a raw, in the city look along with wanting the models to be close to emphasise the idea of a stranger becoming someone.

Stangers Lifestyle-34-min.jpg


The social campaign featured a mix of organic and high production videos. The organic content was more of the team talking about the collection and it was my job to turn those short selfie videos into engaging pieces of content.

On top of that we created a high production interview style video in which two strangers came together to learn more about one another - hence, Strangers Made Someone.

And finally more I created fun/hype style content to be utilised for instagram reels & tiktok.

Untitled design (3).png

Turn sound on by tapping the bottom right of any video.



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