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'Cityscape' was a collection created to celebrate our cities and the people within them. I provided creative direction to create a cohesive experience from visuals to socials.

My Roles;

Photography, Graphic Design, Content Creation, Social Media Planning, Video Directing, Producing and Editing.

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With this drop we wanted to keep it quite real and place the product in its environment. We took to London as we felt the symbolism was best represented there and gathered an authentic friend group to take part in the shoot to provide greater chemisty.

City Scape Orange Fleece Group Animation-32-min (1).jpg


I then had to concept and execute videos that would then be used for Instagram stories and facebook advertising to help hype the collection.

Using the logo,I incorporated the idea of cities being the lifeblood to create more story focused videos as well as flashy promo style videos to increase hype.

I also included some of the previous interviews to add in another mix of content for those who might have missed the feed posts.

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Turn sound on by tapping the bottom right of any video.

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