'Colour Collection' was a limited drop from Outsidein. The purpose was to focus on the personality of the person wearing the clothing shine through and show their true colours.

My Roles;

Photography, Graphic Design, Content Creation, Social Media Planning, Video Directing, Producing and Editing.


This collection was limited which meant we had to get creative. As it was focused on showing the true colourful personality within people and the colour of the design, we decided to do two shoots.

One would be done with team members using smoke bombs to conincide with the colour of the design.


The second shoot took place in Brighton.

We used a real life friend group to show authentic chemistry in the photos, in

turn allowing their personality shine through.


I wanted the visuals on social to match up with what was being emotionally portrayed.

I used video editing techniques to create a trippy, fluid visual based on the design to represent the smoke from the photoshoots. I also created graphic videos that would be used for the Instagram feed as we'll as Facebook ads.

The key was to create a variation of content due to it being such a limited collection.

Colour Collection GIF.gif

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